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Great Coffee

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A great cup of coffee is one of life's simple pleasures.  The warmth of the cup in our hands.  The smell ... oh, that smell.  And then the first sip.  A morning ritual that never gets old.  It wakes our brain and hugs our soul.  And while coffee farmers aren't usually on our minds as we sip that first cup of the day, I think we can all agree we're happy they do what they do.  As green coffee buyers, we at Bean Tree Cafe understand and appreciate the hard work that goes into growing a great coffee bean.  We care about purchasing a great bean and we care about the farmer that produces it.  To that end, we research every bean purchase.  Hours are spent researching beans, farms, and flavor profiles before making a decision.  We select premium beans from around the world with a variety of flavor profiles, from rich chocolate to bright citrus to delicate florals.  Sometimes those beans have been grown on a family owned farm that goes back several generations; sometimes on farms owned and operated by women; sometimes they come from a group of farmers that have formed a cooperative committed to bettering their community as well as their individual farms.  So many beans, so many stories.  As buyers and as roasters, we feel connected to these men and women.  We understand that we are building on something they started.  Our job is to take their beans and roast them in a way that brings out the very best flavors that bean has to offer.  We roast the beans in a small San Franciscan roaster right here in our cafe.  We don't approach this as a "one roast fits all" sort of process, but instead we adjust the time and temperature to best suit each bean.  Small customized roasts done several times a week is our way of partnering with the growers to produce a cup of coffee that you can look forward to morning after morning.

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